Our Snacks and Meals

Our Snacks and Meals

Meal times are enjoyable and sociable experiences for the children.

Our schedule accommodates a Snack time and a Lunch time everyday. While Snack is to be packed from home, we offer an alternative solution for Lunch through the services of a catering restaurant.

At snack time we suggest packing a selection of fruit, vegetables, healthy cupcakes, crackers, milk and fresh juices.

The lunch menu proposed provides healthy, balanced and nutritious meals that give our children all the energy needed during their day. The healthy cooked lunches and dessert are put together by an experienced dietician who works specifically with children. The lunch menu is rotated every four weeks and is changed seasonally to ensure variety and a balanced diet.

We are a nut free nursery and strongly discourage the usage of chocolates, chips, and any other unhealthy snacks. 

  • Important!

Please let us know if your child has any type of allergies!