The Reggio Teacher

The teacher’s role  is to observe children, listen to their questions and their stories, find what interests them and then provide them with opportunities to explore these interests further.

The teacher then plans the project and helps  the child develop a full concept about his interests.

The space within the nursery is considered the third teacher. Teachers organize, support and plan for various spaces for children. The daily schedules are planned to ensure that there is a balance between individual, small and large group activities, child directed and teacher initiated activity and inside as well as outside experiences.

In addition to that, documentation plays an important role. It is a means to collect information, observations and learning. It can be in the form of observations, photos, video, and conversation transcripts.


The Role of the Teacher and Parents

Teachers are partners, guides, mentors, facilitators, researchers, documenters, as well as nurturers and role models.

Parents are an essential component of the nursery. They are an active part of their children’s learning experiences .Parents are partners who are invited to add up to the learning experiences of their children.